Infinity is a series of jewellery about the infinite space and the inconceivable notion of a void without beginning and without end.


Spacetime is a series of jewellery about the concept of spacetime. Spacetime is a mathematical construct combining the three dimensions of space with the fourth dimension, time. It is sometimes described as the 'fabric of space'. In the absence of massive objects spacetime is flat, but under the influence of great forces like gravity and acceleration, it will bend, concequently curving the path of any particle in space.


Torus is a series of brooches based on the theory that the universe is shaped like a doughnut, a so-called ”torus”, in constant motion and expansion.


Matter is a series of jewellery about various particles and objects that exists in the world, and the affect they have on each other and on their surroundings. It is also about the theories of multiple universes and the possibilities of a space unfolding into another space.


Aether is a series of brooches on the theories of black holes, wormholes and an infinite space. It is about phenomenon occuring at an extreme distance, great forces in orbital motion, pulling in, pulling out. And us here, looking at it from afar.


Beyond is a series of jewellery about mankind and our views of the world. About existentialism, concept of reality, innovation, exploration, future, history, mysticism and beliefs, and in what way it all relates to the other. But most of all about atronomy, physics, pioneers and the scientific search for answers, reason and understanding.

Home page space image by Hubble Space Telescope. Acknowledgement:NASA/ESA, Roelof de Jong